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Customized Solutions

Semperit keeps its customers moving with customized sealing solutions for door systems and windows in transport wagons. We help our customers realise their goals with the utmost precision. We develop our own compounds and manufacture according to their specific requirements.

Our workshop quickly produces the moulds for samples and series production. Our customized gaskets meet international fire safety standards and undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they perform well and are durable. We are committed to collaborating closely with our local international partners, railway administrations and component manufacturers in order to provide the best possible service.

Our handrails are tailor-made to meet specific customer applications. We work closely with customers and designers to develop and produce handrails with different cross sections for many types of applications and for a wide range of escalators and moving walkways made by the world’s largest manufacturers.

We offer several cover compounds, sliding layers and options for the design of the handrail surface (colours, spots, logos). Semperit handrails are available with different prefabricated ends for quick and easy installation.


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