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Our smart polymer solutions enable us to provide tailored polymer products for a variety of industries. Semperit is a trusted partner to many companies. We produce systems and components for mission critical applications, effectively increasing the performance of our customers’ products. Our handrails keep people moving all over the world. Our innovative solutions for railway and ropeway systems ensure safe, quiet and, above all, eco-friendly transport of people and goods. We apply our know-how and deep understanding of the mobility industry to provide customised solutions for a wide range of applications.

Building and Construction Industry

We use our system components for the building industry to provide smartly designed, cost-effective specialist solutions to a wide range of customers.

Household Industry

For washing machines, dishwashers, pressure cookers and more. Our gaskets and moulded parts enable us to provide system-oriented solutions for the household industry. We also develop and produce customised full and half filtration membranes.

Industrial Companies

Our highly specialised engineers and R&D department develop outstanding products and solutions for a wide range of applications, which addresses a range of challenges within different industries. We incorporate our customers’ ideas and visions into this process right from the start.

Manufacturing Industry

Our products keep machines running and help to ensure that production runs smoothly.

Materials Transport

As one of the leading manufacturers of sealing technology for various piping systems, we develop reliable and customised solutions that support the efficient transportation of materials.

People Mobility

Our handrails and ropeways keep people and products moving quickly and safely around the globe each and every day.

Rail & Mass Transit

Our innovative solutions for railway systems ensure the safe, quiet and, above all, eco-friendly transportation of people and goods.


In the mining industry, our products ensure that raw materials are efficiently and safely transported and distributed.

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