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Guide Angle Plates & Insulators

Extremely resilient and stable

We offer different types of guide angle plates and insulators for various applications and manufacturers. Our products feature high load-bearing capacity and outstanding stability.


New product innovations: WFP 14K12 HM

The design of the latest standard guide angle plate was based on a cast iron part. We are continually optimising this design in terms of functionality, manufacturing efficiency and materials use. We have significantly improved its usability with the help of a number of in-house simulation and testing facilities. For instance, by integrating additional clamping of the intermediate pad for transporting it from the sleeper factory to the installation site, reducing the product’s carbon footprint by more than 20%, and making sure that it is fully interchangeable with all existing products. Our new HM version saves up to 15% in material, which reduces operator costs and protects the environment. The product is patented and has been approved for regular operation by several railways.


Ongoing Research & Development

We conduct ongoing research and development, both within and outside the company, to ensure the high resilience and stability of our products. We work with universities and international railway companies to develop customer-oriented solutions. We use FE simulation, injection moulding simulation and advanced material and product testing methods to continually optimise our products.


Guide Angle Plates



Our products meet high standards:

  • ISO 14001 (Environment)
  • ISO 9001 (Quality)
  • ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety)

CE Conformity

Our products comply with international standards:

  • HPQ
  • Q1 supplier
  • AFER
  • MAV
  • ProRail


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