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Industrial Companies

Semperit products provide solutions for many applications in ropeway systems, composite systems, sealing profiles, filter systems, and the food industry.

Composite Applications

Our rubber foils for composite applications is used in a wide range of industries.

Filter Systems

Our filtration membranes are used in filter press systems to separate solids and liquids in all types of suspensions. The medium is pressed out by pressure and temperature in a large number of chambers made up of filter plates with filter membranes mounted on them.

Food Industry

Our seals provide customers with safe and secure solutions for producing food, beverages and hygiene products. Manufacturers around the world use our high-quality seals, which meet the strictest industrial and regulatory hygiene standards.

Ropeway Systems

We are the world leader in ropeway technology, with more than 80 years of experience in manufacturing products for ropeways, surface lifts, and ropeway liners. We produce liners and profiles for ropeway systems. We offer closed and open liners and manufacture special products and solutions for our customers.

Sealing Profiles

Our EPDM sealing profiles are ideal for use in various industries and are used in filter technologies, for white goods and in plant technology. We also produce special profiles for traffic signal systems.


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