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Escalator & Travelators Handrails

High quality, reliable and safe.

Our handrails have proven themselves as safe, reliable, low-maintenance and durable under the most diverse conditions. All handrail components are carefully developed and tested in compliance with quality standards. We continuously improve our handrails in close cooperation with international well-known escalator manufacturers.

At Semperit, we have been producing quality handrails for applications of all kinds for many years.

  • Semperit handrails can be used both indoors and outdoors.

  • Semperit offers a wide range of handrails for different application scenarios.

  • Semperit handrails can be installed on the escalator or moving walkway using proven splicing technology.

  • Semperit handrails can be designed according to individual requirements, e.g. color, logo, movement indicators...

SBR handrail

SBR (styrene butadiene rubber) is the most commonly used cover plate compounds for handrails on the market and retain a deep black, matt surface over their entire service life.

CSM handrail

CSM handrails retain a glossy coloured finish over their entire service life due to the abrasion-resistant synthetic rubber CSM (chlorosulfonated polyethylene).

Public transport

Our high-quality handrails are the first choice for public transport and are used in underground trains, airports and railway stations around the world.


Our handrails are installed for outdoor use around the globe. Despite the exposure to pollutants and high ozone concentration levels being installed outdoors, our handrails are consistently performing well under circumstances and maintaining a long service life


Due to their reliable and energy-efficient operation, our handrails are installed on most of the high-quality escalators on the market.


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