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Services & Expertise

Safety and reliability

Our goal is to be a dependable partner for our customers and supply them with consistently high-quality products to ensure constant stability. We collaborate with our customers to help solve their problems. We make sure our products are safe for use by subjecting them to various quality tests before they are approved.

Customized Solutions

Beyond our wide range of high-quality products, we are known for our unique and comprehensive range of moulded rubber solutions.  We are happy to meet our customer requirements and customizing production of different ring dimensions and groove shapes without changing the product shape.

Innovation and R&D

Our innovative moulded rubber solutions are recognised worldwide for their outstanding performance and are specifically designed to meet the most demanding and stringent global customer specifications.

Production Efficiency

Our wide range of ropeway liners and our flexible process help our customers to save tooling costs and achieve short delivery times.


Through our network of regional partners, we offer customized solutions for the after-sales market.

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