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Rail & Mass Transit

Our railway system solutions ensure that overground and underground trains weighing many tonnes can travel safely, quickly and quietly to their destinations. Travellers enjoy more comfort and safety, and residents enjoy a better quality of life. Our innovative products ensure rail stability and act as damping and isolation elements. The sleeper boots we produce enable underground trains to glide along in virtual silence. Our handrails for escalators and conveyor systems ensure that people can move quickly from point A to B in airports, underground stations and many other places.  In addition to our high-quality product portfolio andhigh level of innovative strength, our close collaboration with our partners have made us one of the leading suppliers of polymer solutions for railway superstructures.


Our sheave liners are used in a wide variety of transport systems that are used for transportationto the airport and between terminals.

Automotive Industry

We produce injection moulded components, various rubber profiles and non-woven hoses for the automotive industry.

Public Transport

Our sheave liners are used in local and public transport systems and at exhibition centres.

Railways & Rail Transport

Our dowels and guide angle plates made of heavy-duty material ensure rail stability. Our rubber pads act as damping and insulating elements. Our sleeper boots ensure that underground trains glide along in virtual silence.

Sealing Profiles

Our sealing profiles are used in windows, doors and frames in rolling stock and in the transport industry. Our special compounds support the functionality and longevity of the applications.


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