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Technical Advice for Handrails

Collaborating closely with our customers and partners is a high priority at Semperit. Our collaborations range from offering advice on handrail products to providing services related to technical and operational issues. We can rely on our well-trained team of salespeople, technicians and chemists to deliver these services.

Customer Focus

We help our customers find the optimal handrail for their specific escalator application and advise them on customization options for the design of the handrail surface.

When the escalator is in operation, we support our customers with our expertise in areas such as installation and repair, training and handrail maintenance.

Dedicated splicing team

We offer our customers on-site installation and repair of handrails, saving them time and money and reducing escalator downtime.

We have a team of in house dedicated experienced service technicians in Austria, America and China to perform high quality work on site. 

Download Area

We have compiled the most useful documents for you in our download area.

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