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Sheave Liners

Depending on their application and intended use, our liners come in various designs and are produced using different methods. 


Closed liners

Used in all designs with flanged wheels that are mounted using a retaining ring or screws. They represent today’s most modern design and offer the best motion properties paired with highest comfort. They are employed as a lining for products like haul rope sheaves.

Open liners

Primarily used for sheaves which are cast in one piece. This type of liner is mainly used as spare part in older systems. Open liners are hammered or pressed into the sheave using a tool, giving them a form fit.

Side liners and other special designs

Mostly used to fulfil special purposes. The three-piece liner for rope carriers, for example, makes it possible to exchange specific worn parts without having to replace the entire sheave. People movers (e.g. at airports) sometimes use a combination of rubber and synthetic sheaves to optimise friction and minimise wear and tear.

Special designs

Designs for cranes, stone saws, conveyors, wire rope hoists, power stations, amusement parks, etc. benefit from our experience in the ropeway sector. The manufacturing process and design for these applications depend on the individual requirements and uses.

User information

When using our ropeway sheave and bullwheel liners, questions often arise about selection, installation, assembly, maintenance and wear, but also about the environmentally compatible disposal of used products. The two brochures in this download area answer the most important of these questions and are also intended to provide assistance for the entire period of use from installation to dismantling and beyond.

Download Area

In this download area, we have compiled the most important documents.



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